Monday, July 31, 2017

This above list also includes a few banned sites from the Zionscape collection.
These controversial websites are marked & underlined in Red:    
controversial links    Top 5 Websites    Top 10 Websites

and, we're also including a few off-topic websites, as well.

This is a mirror page for
It's part of the overall WhiteIQ project.

here's the HTML & CSS which I'm using for this page.
My job is to create lists of every possible size.
and, to determine which lists work better than others.
I've done all the work for you.
And, whereas 7 rows (IQx7) and 8 Rows (IQx8) seem a bit problematic,
this listing featuring 6 rows seems very promising.

So, the whole purpose here is deciding which listings work best.